A professional company with years of experience? Knowledgeable drivers that know where to go? Nice up to date cars? Or maybe a company that you can trust. Let us help you make your choice with us. With many years experience we know what our clients want and expect!. We service all major airports with door to door service. Whether it’s an airport in Warwick / Providence, Boston, JFK or Newark, we will take the stress out of your travel plans. Our car service will take you there on time, every time! Every successful business originates with a single vision. Whatever the cornerstone to your success, let GLOBAL LIMOUSINE RI express it – with style that extends the range of your identity, character and beauty.

Airport transfers Services
Airport transfers Services

With many experience in the business, let us be your first choice. Make the first step by calling us to make your reservations for you. We provide access to automated and proprietary software, with advanced cross-platform integration, to design customized systems for comprehensive travel data, as well as the simple tasks of instantaneously making and modifying local or worldwide travel arrangements. Whether your a business traveler, a vacationer or just planning a wedding or night out, we can make your travel arrangements for you.

Limousine and car transportation services for local clients in the Warwick, Cranston, Providence and all other areas throughout RI. We also service clients in Boston, MA, NYC, NY, CT, NJ, throughout the United States and worldwide. At Global Limousine RI we always strive to have a high level of client satisfaction. Whether its a simple drive to the city, long business/corporate car service trip or airport limo service transportation we can always provide the best driving service to get you comfortable from point A to point B.
We also offer FREE Wifi to clients in certain vehicles.


Limo is like a synonym for luxury. It is the symbol of luxury and royalty since 1800. Till now, it is widely used and known in the whole world. It offers several services. Along with luxury, it gives you matchless comfort inside. Today, New Jersey Airport Limousine are hard for several services. Let us have a look at the places where you can hire a limo service.

These events are the place of a huge crowd. It makes checking in and out of the players quite difficult. Well, the good news is that you will not need to worry about these problems with limo services. A chauffeur will take you from the best convenient way possible. It will be free from parking issues, traffic fights or worry of drink and drive. An experienced New Jersey Airport Limousine will be there to look after all this. Value is more important than money. Newark Airport transportation will of course cost you lesser than a town car service. But, think of arriving at an important meeting or any other special occasion on a cab. It will harsh your first impression. Expect a clean well-maintained service with a town service.

Those who have encountered a vulgar ride with Newark Airport Limo services understand the problems well. A town service will ensure that it won’t happen to you. There is no doubt that they hire qualified chauffeurs, background screened and safety trained. The chauffeur will ensure a happy journey with peace of mind.

New Limo Express: Making Airport Transfers Luxurious Than Ever

We work to provide the people of New Jersey, Connecticut, and New York with our most sleek, luxurious, and renowned SUV’s, Limousines, and other vehicles like Mercedes, Lincoln Town cars, etc. There are some clients who wish to be more focused on saving the environment, and for them we offer our series of hybrid cars. The independent vehicles that we use for our services are stretch limos, SUV’s, corporate buses, and vans. These can easily adjust 50+ passengers to fulfil large transportation requirements.

Airport Transfers with New Limo Express

We work day and night to offer reliable and the most secure Newark airport Town Car service to people. Talking specifically, people can take up our limo services to the famous airports of NY such as the LaGuardia, Kennedy International, and Newark International. We also extend our facilities in places like, Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, etc. Our first concern is your safety, and every vehicle operator connected with us is dependable and qualified personnel.

These independent vehicle operators are covered by their own insurance policies. This means our clients are in for a safe ride. We advise our clients to leave worries at bay when traveling with New Limo Express as we ensure you reach comfortable, stylishly, and also safely with our limo service Newark NJ.

People can call us for a booking at any moment they want to. We are available 24*7 for clients. We have a computerized framework that keeps a track of every car’s location and helps every driver to reach at the correct location, on correct time.

We do this because we can’t let our customer waiting at the curb. Our trained and qualified staff is ever ready to assist and guide you with your booking, from the time you register it through call or through an online system.

New Limo Express: Top Choice of Businessmen

Are you looking for a professional company that can offer you an amazing limo service? Do you fail to get knowledgeable drivers every time you book a limo service? Need lavish cars? Or an enterprise worth trusting? Let us make your work easier. We have years of experience in the limousine service field, and we understand our customers.

Our services extend to all the main airports with easy to access services. Be it limo ride to Newark airport, Boston, Warwick/Providence, or even JFK, we know how to eliminate stress from your travel arrangements. Our limo car service will take you on the airport on time. As it’s known that every business flourishes with a plan. So, whatever is your plan, let New Limo Express be a part of it. We wish to help you enter the world of your flourishing business in style, and with complete class.

Let New Limo Express be your first and last choice because of our extensive industry knowledge. Begin by calling us and letting us handle the reservation process. We can handle all your needs related to limo service to Newark Airport. Designing customised travel data systems or performing simple tasks like making or changing travel arrangements locally or globally can be made easier with our access to best automated Limo and proprietary software that features advanced cross-platform integration. Travel arrangements can be made for you, whether you are a business traveller, vacationer, or just setting up a wedding or a night out.

New Limo Express: Basic Services

We are known for providing limo ride to Newark Airport and car transportation support for local customers in Warwick, Cranston, Providence, and other such areas all through the state of Rhode Island. We serve customers not only in Boston, Massachusetts, but also in New York City, New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, and all across the United States. At Global Limousine RI, we never stop working toward achieving the highest possible level of customer gratification. We will always offer the best driving facility to get you from place To place in a comfortable manner, regardless of whether it is just a drive to the city, a long trip for business or corporate car service, or Limousine Service From Newark Airport to any other location. Additionally, we provide unlimited Wifi to our customers in select vehicles.

New Limo Express & Limousines

The word “luxury” is virtually interchangeable with “limo.” Since the 1800s, it has been a symbol of both luxury and royalty. To this day, it continues to have a significant user base and is well-known across the globe. It provides a variety of services. Along with the luxury, it also provides you with unrivalled comfort on the inside. Newark Airport Limousine Service are difficult to find today for a variety of services. We offer our limo services to people looking to celebrate their birthday party, bachelorette, wedding, or any commercial event. You can add glamour to your event by booking a limo from us.

Why we vouch for the comfort is because our customers will be driven to their destination by a chauffeur in the most expedient and comfortable manner possible. It won’t be a problem to find parking, there won’t be any fights in the traffic, and you won’t have to worry about people drinking and driving. A knowledgeable Limousine service to Newark Airport will be there to take care of everything for you. It is more important to have value than money.

Leave an Impact on People with New Limo Express Services

The price of your car service Newark Airport will, of course, be lower than that of a town car facility. Imagine, however, that you are taking a taxi to an office occasion or some other kind of special occasion. It will leave a negative impact on your first impression. When you use a town service, you can anticipate a service that is spotless and well-maintained.

Those who have used Newark Airport Limo from an enterprise other than us and have been subjected to an offensive ride have a good understanding of the issues involved. You won’t have to worry about it happening to you thanks to a town service. There is no shadow of a doubt that they employ qualified chauffeurs who have had their backgrounds checked and have received safety training. The limo driver will ensure that the trip is enjoyable and stress-free for you.